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3rd-Sep-2007 05:49 pm - That boy Ronaldo....

Cristiano Ronaldo Icons


CristianoRonaldo33.jpg picture by gracie_1248 CristianoRonaldo14.jpg picture by gracie_1248 CristianoRonaldo15.jpg image by gracie_1248


mood: Victoria-Stressed.jpg picture by gracie_1248 - bit stressed 

music: TimbalandNellyJustin.jpg picture by gracie_1248  - timbaland - give it to me 
2nd-Sep-2007 07:06 pm - First Entry

Brian Friedman

 BrianFriedman28.jpg image by gracie_1248 BrianFriedman31.jpg picture by gracie_1248 BrianFriedman18.jpg image by gracie_1248

IconsCollapse )
mood: Victoria-Happy.jpg picture by gracie_1248  - happy

music: BritneySpears.jpg BritneySpears picture by gracie_1248 - britney spears - gimmie more
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